Hello everyone!

The Alpha 2.4 version of Alchemy Garden brings significant changes to the store mechanics and some improvements regarding the overall balance of the game.


  • The price of potions will now automatically go up or down based on current demand. In the previous system, the demands were generated randomly every 7 days within the game. From now on the demands will change every day and will depend on the player’s actions, therefore the price of a potion will decrease if the player sells many units, and will increase if they are not sold for a time.
  • Now you can place multiple potions stacks in the store, so replenishing items is not so tedious.
  • Plants can no longer be sold.


  • 21 new recipes have been added to create potions.


  • Increased durability of all tools.
  • Player’s fatigue level reduced.


  • The bug that caused the store to freeze the game has been fixed. (2.4.2)
  • Now changes in screen mode are saved (2.4.1)

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