Alchemy Garden Alpha 2.6 Update

Alchemy Garden Alpha 2.6 Update

Hello everyone and welcome to the Alchemy Garden update notes!

This update is focused on the garden and the watering mechanics.

Plant Care Improvements

The planting and watering are some of the mechanics that have not changed anything since the alpha 2.0 version, so it was necessary to work a little on this feature. Until now, watering was only limited to filling a plant with water and waiting for it to grow without taking any risk, but everything has changed with this update.

From now on we will have to take care of our plants even when they have grown or else they will die. Each plant has its own needs, therefore some need more water than others. In the water bar we can see what the needs of each plant are and the current water level.


The change of weather is also a necessary element in Alchemy Garden, as it makes the world feel alive and a little more believable. It also adds a point of difficulty to watering plants, since if we water our flowers too much and it starts to rain it is possible that our plants die. Small greenhouses have been added where we can plant our plants without risk.

New Content

Some garden furniture has been added:

  • Greenhouse
  • Outdoor lamp
  • Garden fountain
  • Garden bench

Gameplay Improvements

  • The harvest time for plants has been reduced and the energy cost for doing so has been increased.
  • Now the minerals (coal and stone) are much easier to collect.


  • GUI New design
  • The garden soil color has been changed from brown to green.


  • Reduced the number of trees to avoid getting stuck.

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Thank you for all your support!


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