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Alchemy Garden Alpha 2.6 Update

Hello everyone and welcome to the Alchemy Garden update notes! This update is focused on the garden and the watering mechanics. Plant Care Improvements The planting and watering are some of the mechanics that have not changed anything since the alpha 2.0 version, so it was necessary to work a little on this feature. Until now, watering was only limited to filling a plant with water and waiting for it to grow without taking any risk, but everything has changed with this update. From now on we will have to take care of our plants even when they have grown or else [...]

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Alchemy Garden Alpha 2.5 Update

Hello everyone and welcome back to the patch notes! I have been working on adding more content to the game in regards to the interior decoration of the house, and I have also been making improvements to the alchemy table. Features Multiple potions can now be crafted on the alchemy table. Now the alchemy table does not require wood to be used. Rework on Alchemy Table HUD Content New furniture set added, "Woody Noveau" includes the following: Bed Desk Two new chairs Fireplace Lamp Two wall mirrors Two Shelves Hotfix Some minor bugs fixed Remember that you can join our Discord server [...]

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Alchemy Garden Alpha 2.4 Update

Hello everyone! The Alpha 2.4 version of Alchemy Garden brings significant changes to the store mechanics and some improvements regarding the overall balance of the game. Shop The price of potions will now automatically go up or down based on current demand. In the previous system, the demands were generated randomly every 7 days within the game. From now on the demands will change every day and will depend on the player's actions, therefore the price of a potion will decrease if the player sells many units, and will increase if they are not sold for a time. Now you can place [...]

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Remaking Alchemy Mechanics

Hi everyone! I want to talk to you about the work I am currently doing with Alchemy Garden and how progress is going. One of the things that I am concerned about is the alchemy crafting mechanics. Because seems pretty simple when alchemy mechanics are supposed to be the core of the gameplay. Let me explain, there's nothing wrong with mixing components in a UI and see what happens but at the end of the day, we as players don't feel that we are real alchemists. So a few weeks ago I decided to remake these mechanics and work in a more simulation [...]

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Alchemy Garden Alpha 2.3.0 Update

Hello and welcome to the new update of Alchemy Garden! This new version will see changes in terms of gameplay and NPCs. NPC design restyling Some of you were happy with the design of the old npc and others did not like it very much, but still there was something in which you were both right: there were few NPCs, in fact, there were only 2 villagers in the village, the wizard and the warrior . This has changed with this update, I have not only redesigned the characters, but I have added 6 villagers who will walk through the town and [...]

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“Weekly” Update Patch Notes – Alpha 2.2.0

If you follow closely the development of Alchemy Garden, you will have noticed that in recent weeks there have been no updates. The first reason was the Christmas holidays, in those days it is very difficult to work on the project since there are too many family commitments to attend (here in Spain Christmas ends on January 6). The second was that I had to move from home. I don't like moving at all, they stress me a lot but it was necessary, the house where I lived has a lot of humidity and the internet connection was very bad. As I [...]

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