First of all, I want to thank you all for the good acceptance of the demo. It has been amazing!

I also have to thank you for all the feedback I am receiving regarding the game, I greatly appreciate your time collaborating to make the game better, thanks guys!

The new version of the Alchemy Garden demo is now available! The following bugs have been fixed:


  • Some of the positions in the interface layers were wrong and have been corrected.
  • Now if you are in the options menu and press “escape” it will close both the pause menu and the options menu
  •  The VR libraries have been deactivated.


  • The energy cost of walking and running has been reduced to 50%
  • The customer purchase index is now related to the satisfaction index. This means that customers will order more products the fuller the satisfaction bar is.
  • Now the NPCs no longer ask for seeds. Only potions and plants.

You can download the Alchemy Garden demo for free on Steam, and Gamejolt!