Hi everyone!

I want to talk to you about the work I am currently doing with Alchemy Garden and how progress is going.

One of the things that I am concerned about is the alchemy crafting mechanics. Because seems pretty simple when alchemy mechanics are supposed to be the core of the gameplay. Let me explain, there’s nothing wrong with mixing components in a UI and see what happens but at the end of the day, we as players don’t feel that we are real alchemists.

So a few weeks ago I decided to remake these mechanics and work in a more simulation approach, with the focus on making the player feel about being a real alchemist with these mechanics.

Before showing the content: all of the images shown below are work in progress and not represents AT ALL the quality of the final build.

Customized flasks

I think that adding the feature of creating your customized flasks is a very cool feature that empowers creativity so, in the Alpha 3.0, you can use a glass furnace for that purpose.

The gameplay with the glass furnace is the following: Put sand inside, choose the shape of the body, neck, and cap for making your design, and then a very small minigame began for making the bottle correctly.

Mixing oils and essences mechanics

Regarding the mixture mechanics, I think that would be cool adding the capability of grab potions through physics and mix them flipping the bottles. This feature turns the mixture into a minigame because you can fail the position of the bottle and make a mess with the liquid so it would be very fun!

In the next days, I will post more progress in these mechanics, so I hope you like the new direction of the gameplay. Remember that you can join to our Discord community and follow more closely the development of the game or ask me any question

Stay safe!