Welcome to another weekly patch of Alchemy Garden! 

This week’s patch is focused on the ingame quality of life, I am aware that there are some frictions within the gameplay, so I am working to polish them as much as possible.

Besides, I have also updated the demo version with all the changes of the last weeks, because it was becoming a bit outdated.

And finally, we will inaugurate a new micro-section called “Garden of the Week” where we will be showing screenshots of your gardens that you have uploaded to the community, either through the Steam community or the Discord channel in the section # garden-share

Patch 2.1.15

Quality of Life

  • The item icons to get in the orders now show the amount needed and the amount you own. As soon as you get the desired amount, the letters will turn green, so you will not have to open the inventory to verify that we have the items over and over again.
  • Now you can see the level of demand in the item details so that if you want to check the demand for a specific item it is no longer necessary to go to the store and place an object in the slot.


  • The renewal time for orders has gone from 3 days to 7 days. 
  • The renewal time for the demand for items has gone from 3 days to 7 days.
  • The level of patience of customers has been increased x2.
  • The prices of decorative objects and planters have been increased by 25%


  • A bug has been fixed by which the settings in the options were not saved, it should now work.
  • Small corrections in the UI.
  • Small grammar corrections, sorry guys, I know there are many grammatical mistakes, my main language is not English.

Demo Version 1.1.0

The demo of Alchemy Garden has been updated to its version 1.1.0, the reason why I release the update is so that players who want to try a demo of the game for free can play the latest version possible.

It has been a month since the launch of the game and week after week bugs have been corrected and mechanics improved.

Those of you who have played the previous version of the demo will realize that there are no longer crystals to collect. In exchange for this mechanic, you can make weekly orders with which to go to explore the map.

Garden of the Week

And finally, we bring you the @Wayunknown garden through the Discord channel where it shows us its place to take refuge from the hard cold, how much abundance!

@Wayunknown’s Garden

Remember that you can upload the capture of your garden through Steam or the Discord channel, week after week I will publish your creations!

And this is all for this week guys, I hope you are enjoying the game! I can’t wait to show you the new content I am creating for the next weeks, you will definitely like it!