Hello alchemists! This week I have been working on improving the mechanics of the store and fixing some bugs that you have reported to me through the Discord channel.

Thank you all very much for spending time sending me bug reports!

Shop Mechanics Improvement

With the arrival of this patch there are important changes in the player’s shop. Until now, it was only enough to leave an item on the table and wait for a villager to arrive and buy the item. But now the player must remain in the shop to be able to sell the products.

Once the villager takes an item to buy, he will show it next to the cash and the player must press the [E] key to complete the transaction.

The customer satisfaction bar has been removed, and in return a slightly more complex and fun system will be added in future updates.

This is the first of many changes that will reach the mechanics of the store. My intention is to make the shop as fun and rewarding as possible.

I will start working on the demand system next week, so that it allows the player to set the prices of the items. Then the villagers will decide if it is too cheap or too expensive through the demand system.

Another Gameplay Tweaks

  • Harvest time has been reduced to 2 seconds.
  • Using the mortar no longer changes the position of the player.
  • Using the shop table no longer changes the position of the player.
  • The durability of all tools has been increased by 25%


  • Villagers should go to the shop if it is open, sometimes it may take a while, but they arrive.
  • The performance of the swamp area has been optimized, I have yet to investigate further the reason why the performance in this area is lower.
  • Watering can now be filled in the swamp.
  • The mortar click circles now disappear if you remove an item that has not been crushed.
  • UI sounds now also adjust with the volume control.

And that’s all my friends! From now on I will continue working on improvements to the gameplay of the shop and adding some content for the next week.

You can see the list of pending tasks for weekly updates on this board.

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