“Weekly” Update Patch Notes – Alpha 2.2.0

“Weekly” Update Patch Notes – Alpha 2.2.0

If you follow closely the development of Alchemy Garden, you will have noticed that in recent weeks there have been no updates. The first reason was the Christmas holidays, in those days it is very difficult to work on the project since there are too many family commitments to attend (here in Spain Christmas ends on January 6).

The second was that I had to move from home. I don’t like moving at all, they stress me a lot but it was necessary, the house where I lived has a lot of humidity and the internet connection was very bad. As I work from home, living with the humidity would affect my long-term health and the poor internet connection slows down my work.

The third reason has been the disease, and when I moved into my new house I fell ill, having a fever all week, I had not been sick for a long time, so my body decided it was time.
But I will be operational again! And today I bring you a new update for the game that I hope you like.

Iteration in the GUI

I decided to make changes to the interface, I was not very happy with how it looked, so it took away color and gave it a more “medieval” look.

Water shader improvements

Now the water is more stylized and most importantly, now the light affects it, so when the night comes you will no longer see the bright river. This water shader consumes a little more resources, although I have not noticed that the FPS drops, I will be attentive to your feedback in case I have to optimize.

Hotfixes and small changes.

  • Now the demand information of the items is updated correctly.
  • Now you can drop an item from the inventory and you will not pick it up automatically.
  • The size of the moon has been reduced.

And this is all for now. The next thing I’m going to work with is in the new NPCs. I hope to bring you news as soon as possible!


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